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100 Wildlife Bloggers Who are Bettering the World

Our natural world and its wildlife depends upon storytelling. As the now famed quote from Sir David Attenborough goes… “No One Will Protect What They Don’t Care About; And No One Will Care About What They Have Never Experienced”.

It is certainly true that sharing the studies and stories of wildlife and nature is a vital part of inviting those outside of the conservation world to experience the moments of wonder and inspiration that continue to move us to protect it.

100 wildlife bloggers and storytellers to follow in 2021…

At the beginning of September, I launched The Wildlife Blogger Crowd; a growing community of nature and wildlife bloggers and storytellers from across the globe, supporting one another in sharing posts, ideas and messages — to help spread awareness of causes and passion for wildlife far and wide.

I’m delighted to say that, four months on, we have featured 100 incredible storytellers — all of which are doing amazing work, and certainly deserve a space to be showcased. Take a look below…

A Wild Blog

A Wild Blog by Abi Mustard abimustard.wordpress.com

“I am a keen birder and naturalist and have always been enthusiastic about being immersed in the wonderful great outdoors. I recently discovered I enjoyed writing, so I have decided to begin my own blog, where I will share any thoughts, moments or experiences of the natural world.”

Abdoul Mizerero

Wildlife Conservation and Environment Protection around Virunga. www.facebook.com/wcepviasbl

Abdoul has committed himself to the crucial but dangerous work of protecting the wildlife of protected areas in Democratic Republic of the Congo and he runs Conservation projects for building plant nurseries in communities around Virunga National Park. In 2014 Abdoul Mizerero founded Wildlife Conservation and Environment Protection around Virunga (WCEPVi).

Alicia Hayden Photography

Alicia Hayden Photography aliciahaydenwildlifephotography.zenfolio.com

“I am a young wildlife photographer and artist from North Yorkshire, currently studying Biological Sciences at Oxford University. My website contains a blog about new projects I’ve been working on, and my Instagram (@aliciahaydenwildlife) showcases my new pieces of artwork, photography, film, and animation, alongside fun facts and ways to help nature.”

All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small by Riley Forson rileyforson.wixsite.com/allcreatures/news

“My blog focuses on legislation relating to different animals, in different jurisdictions and analyses the state of the law in relation to its aim to be effective and protective for the relevant species of animal. My blog aims to highlight the areas where laws are failing to meet their aims, or where laws don’t exist at all, and what can be done to improve this. I highlight charities and organisations working in many different countries.”

Appleton Wildlife Diary

Appleton Wildlife Diary by Alex White appletonwildlifediary.wordpress.com

“Alex is a 17 year old wildlife photographer and blogger that started his first blog at the age of 9. He is keen to show other people how to find amazing wildlife on their doorstep, he believes that a lifetime of caring for the environment can start close to home. Alex recently published his first book, Get Your Boots On, aimed at showing people, in particular young people, simple and low-cost ways that people can enjoy nature.”

Arthropod Archives

Arthropod Archives by Peter Barell www.instagram.com/arthropodarchives/

“I’m Pete. Welcome to the archives! Librarian, citizen scientist and wildlife advocate.”

Check the following link for resource guides and more: linktr.ee/ArthropodArchives

Balcony Bird-Brain Blogs

Balcony Bird-Brain Blogs by Jack Wright balconybirdbrain.blogspot.com

“I’m a twenty-something bird nerd and creator of Balcony Bird-Brain blogs. During the great first lockdown, my blog was my way of navigating the doldrums of furlough. My balcony is the closest thing I have to a garden and although it’s hardly the Serengeti, it was my outdoor space to connect with nature, as best I could. Follow me on Instagram via @jackbirdbrain.”

Benjamin Fallow

Benjamin Fallow www.instagram.com/BenjaminFallow/

“7-year-old Benji is a young artist and naturalist. He started sharing his artwork on Instagram during lockdown, and was amazed when he was featured on Chris Packham’s show with his nature artwork too! He’s been featured on Instagram by the Wildlife Trusts and the Natural History Museum, and on Twitter by the RSPB. Sharing his artwork he’s received amazing encouragement from Sir David Attenborough and many of his favourite nature artists.”

Berie Tree Blog

Berie Tree Blog by Berenice Tregenna berrietree.wordpress.com

“A nature blog that holds a magnifying glass up to common insects and plants to spread nature awareness and appreciation. Each post focuses on a certain insect or plant with a mixture of poems, photos, my own drawings and factual information. I believe both art and science can be blended together to engage others with their natural surroundings, which I believe my blog has achieved.”

Bethany’s Wildlife

Bethany’s Wildlife by Bethany Hickling www.instagram.com/bethanyswildlife/

Bethany is a student studying Ecological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. She made her account to share her love of nature and appreciation for the wildlife and landscapes at her home in Northumberland, University in Edinburgh, and various other places she finds herself on her travels!

Champagne Conservation

Champagne Conservation by Sanisha Ramsamy www.instagram.com/champagneconservation/

“Champagne Conservation is a blog brand focused on raising awareness for conservation projects and scientific news from around the world. The blog aims to document recent research and advise on how to live an ‘ecolifestyle’ in a sustainable, modern, and trendy way to help ecological issues, one step at a time.”

Cheche Winnie

Cheche Winnie by Winnie Cheche chechewinnie.com

Cheche Winnie believes that we are custodians for nature and it’s our duty to protect it, not threaten it. Conservation education and awareness are vital for conserving the environment. “Local communities have been co-existing with our wildlife but not well-informed about them, despite being the best shot for the success of nature’s survival. Join me as we explore, condemn bad deeds towards nature, speak for, fight for and get informed about our awesome nature.”

Chloé Valerie Nature Art

Chloé Valerie Nature Art by Chloe Valerie Harmsworth chloevalerienatureart.wordpress.com

“Chloé Valerie writes about UK wildlife and the environment in order to help people reconnect with nature, to benefit their mental wellbeing and also the world. She has written for various print and digital magazines, and has written and illustrated her own nature journal, which explored her local green space over the course of a year. She also loves to paint and take photographs of nature, inspired by her walks.”

Chloe May Writes

Chloe May Writes www.chloemaywrites.com

“I’m Chloe and I’m a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader specialising in wildlife and the environment. I’ve worked for the likes of Nat Geo Kids UK, BBC Wildlife, and PetsRadar, and am currently the social media manager for Eco Kids Planet.”

Conservation Exploration

Conservation Exploration by Lucy Snell conservationexploration.wordpress.com

“As a early career conservationist and recent wildlife conservation graduate I made my blog to document my journey as I progress through my career with hopes of networking with others and inspiring others to connect with the natural world. My two big passions are education and science communication, so my blog is also there to educate people outside of the conservation setting.”

Conservation Casey

Conservation Casey by Casey Mcshane www.instagram.com/conservation.casey/

Casey has a degree in Wildlife Conservation, a Masters in Environmental Science, is an Entomology enthusiast and volunteer from Liverpool – “Just keeping note of my finds”.

Couch Conservation

Couch Conservation by Jane O’Brien couchconservation.com

“Couch Conservation is a place to have a conversation about what other people are changing in their lives to help this planet. From the very small gestures to huge life changing experiences. No judging! No lecturing! No negativity! Come on in, let’s talk! Let’s help each other to ease the suffering we cause to this planet, its people and wildlife. There is strength in numbers!”

Don’t Forget Your Boots

Don’t Forget Your Boots by Brian Platt dontforgetyourboots.com

Don’t Forget Your Boots is a travel and conservation podcast, where we hope to get and give inspiration for our adventures at home and away.

Dwell and Rise

Dwell and Rise by Izzy Mcquillan www.instagram.com/dwellandrise

“I run a species conservation Instagram page, highlighting endangered and critically endangered species! I also share information regarding environmentalism, sustainability and rewilding!”

Eager Environmentalist

Eager Environmentalist by Aisyah Wan eagerenvironmentalist.wordpress.com

“The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences in living more sustainably, hopefully to show people that not everything has to be perfect, but you’ll figure it out along the way. I recently graduated with a degree in Environmental Science, and now that I’m on a gap year I thought I’d start a blog! I love the ocean, particularly coral reefs, and I hope to be a marine conservationist some day. I also just started on instagram: @env_aisyah.”

Emily Gilford

Emily Gilford www.instagram.com/emilygilford/

“I’m a recent MSc and BSc graduate from the University of Exeter. My interests lie in wildlife education, animal behaviour, photography and journalism. I’m an environmental writer for Bloom in Doom magazine and you’ll often find me out and about with my camera.”

Erfan Firouzi

Erfan Firouzi (Growing Up Wild) https://erfanfirouzi720.wixsite.com/ourplanet

“I am Erfan Firouzi and I am 16. I have always loved the natural world, and so started researching scientifically on animals and plants during the past 6 years or so. Within the last few years I have been creating videos, podcasts and online classes in order to help spread an awareness about our living planet, while at the same time using my animal and plant specimens to create an awareness to children and adults across the globe.”

Erika Teng Gui

Erika Teng Gui www.instagram.com/erika_mari

“I’m Erika, a wildlife conservationist and educator based in the Philippines. I use Instagram to connect with scientists, conservationists, photographers, and animal-lovers! I post a variety of images on my page such as my photography, infographics, and the occasional sketch or drawing! I hope you could check me out! I’d love to connect with y’all!.”

Fazeela Mubarak

Fazeela Mubarak www.instagram.com/fazeela.mubarak/

Fazeela has been volunteering in environmental causes for the last 8 years; across community conservation, marine conservation and advocating for open eco systems. Through volunteering with Care for the Wild Kenya, she learned the importance of community conservation and the contribution of indigenous practices to the thriving biodiversity. Her dedication saw her elected twice to the board of Friends of Nairobi National Park where she is part of the Save Nairobi National Park Campaign.

George Cuckoo

George Cuckoo aka George Cook www.instagram.com/georgecuckoo/

“I’m George, a wildlife and nature lover living in Bristol. I currently work in the learning team for Avon Wildlife Trust and wanted to carry on sharing my love for wildlife whilst on furlough. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking to other passionate people through Instagram and discussing about how we can get young people from all backgrounds loving nature and into green jobs!”

George Steedman Jones

George Steedman Jones www.instagram.com/george_brynmor/

“My instagram is a platform for my wildlife photography (and hopefully soon filmmaking) but I also share environmental and social justice issues and campaigns that I’m involved with. I also host and produce a bi-monthly podcast called Coffee with Conservationists, where I sit down over a cup of ethical, sustainable coffee and talk to anyone who dedicates their lives to protecting, researching or documenting the natural world.”

Graeme Mothman Davis

Graeme (Mothman) Davis www.instagram.com/d.graeme/

Graeme is a conservationist focussing mostly on entomology. He was previously Vice Chairman of TARCA (The Anton River Conservation Association) and has a YouTube channel, over at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Gremlingraeme

Hannah Rudd

Hannah Rudd hannahrudd.com

Hannah Rudd is a marine biologist, science communicator and photographer. Through combining her scientific background and love for our natural world with photography, film making and public-speaking, Hannah aspires to educate and inspire the public on taking pivotal action for our natural world. As part of this work, Hannah loves working with brands and other environmental advocates who share the same values and ethos as her for protecting our planet.

Incidental Naturalist

Incidental Naturalist by David Rigden incidentalnaturalist.com

“Incidental Naturalist tells the stories of my encounters with wildlife. From the majestic Royal Bengal tiger to an invasive Grey squirrel, my goal is to make wildlife accessible to everyone. This isn’t a field guide to wildlife, it is an emotional journey with wildlife.”

It’s Our Planet Too

It’s Our Planet Too by Kate Cohen itsourplanettoo.co.uk

It’s Our Planet Too is a website aimed at children to raise awareness of the environment, particularly the plight of endangered animals. It’s essentially an education resource, full of fascinating facts, images, fun stuff to download and quotes as well as stories about the animals, written in rhyme.

Izzy Fry

Izzy Fry mynatureandphotographyblog.wordpress.com

“I am a 15 year old naturalist with a particular interest in wildlife photography and bird ringing. I share my experiences and photos on my blog.”

Jack Lekishon

Jack Lekishon www.gofundme.com/f/maasai-mara-covid19-food-relief

For the last 10 months, Jack has been leading a team of volunteers on the front line, delivering donations made through the Maasai Mara food relief campaign to help Maasai communities suffering from food shortages as the global pandemic and its wider implications take hold. Providing food relief helps to control any attempt of poaching for wild meat and charcoal burning in the beautiful natural forests. Read more about his work here.

Jackie T’s Exploration at New Heights

Exploration at New Heights by Jacquelyn Tleimat canopyadventureswithjackie.blogspot.com/

“Everything that fieldwork entails is often a mystery to anyone uninvolved. Canopy adventures with Jackie is an outreach project that was created with the hope of connecting a wider audience to the wonders of working in the field. Join Jackie as she (and her field crew) documents her trials and tribulations hiking and climbing through the forests of Ecuador.”

Jenny’s Wee Wild World

Jenny’s Wee Wild World by Jenny Pearson Jennysweewildworld.wordpress.com

“My blog is a collection of my wild thoughts and ramblings as I wander through my home wild spaces in the West of Scotland. I want to showcase the best of British nature, show people how exciting it is and how easily they can interact with it to. I hope to inspire people to take notice of the little things around them and fall in love with them – whether that’s a nice tree, a beautiful butterfly or a chorus of garden birds.”

Kabini Morii

Kabini Morii by Amrita Ghosh photostory.online/post/kabini-morii

“With an eye of mutant hunger, from the backwater with wild bloodstains below the hopeless moon, I saw the reflection of the self that I was never allowed to become and that I always was. I always am. I captured the wilderness and wildlife around Kabini backwater under my lens during that recent trip and relive it through my photo stories on my blog.”

Kato Fanga Joshua Venture Africa

Kato Fanga Joshua www.facebook.com/Kato-fanga-Joshua-venture-Africa-395798324399653

“I am a tour driver in Uganda and also a conservationist who wants to protect beautiful animals such as gorillas, lions, elephants and others from being poached.”

Kayla Potter-Jones

Kayla Potter-Jones’s Wild Garden Ecology www.instagram.com/wildgarden_ecology/

Kayla is a MSci Ecology and Conservation graduate aiming to inspire others to learn about and support their local wildlife.

Kayleigh Ann Writing

Kayleigh Ann Writing by Kayleigh Brookes kayleighannwriting.wordpress.com/

“I’m a nature writer, conservationist and campaigner. I only started my blog a year ago, but I’ve always loved both nature and writing! I enjoy sharing my passion for wildlife and inspiring others with stories, information and poetry. I hope to increase people’s appreciation of the natural world and all species in it.”

Keen Interest In Wild

Keen Interest In Wild (Wild Boy) instagram.com/keen_interest_in_wild

“I am a 15 year old boy from India who loves our beautiful planet. I want to spend my whole life living for Nature. I have a keen interest in the wild.”

Kylie West Creative Conservation

Kylie West Creative Conservation by Kylie West kylieconservation.com

“A conservation-focused storytelling blog, featuring activities that I and others around the globe are doing to protect endangered wildlife.I plan to focus my posts on everyday actions that people can take to live more sustainably, to share my adventures, and to feature people who are doing amazing things to help the environment.”

Life on Your Doorstep

Life on Your Doorstep by Morag Bramhall moragbramhall.wordpress.com/

Environmentalist, appreciating and learning about the world around me, from small scale to large scale, in all weathers, right here on my doorstep.

Lucy Morris Wild

Lucy Morris Wild by Lucy Morris Lucymorriswildmedia.co.uk

A naturalist and conservationist, teaching wildlife education through social media and workshops.
Wildlife education workshop page: @conkernature

Maddie Stannard Wild

Maddie Stannard Wild by Maddie Stannard maddiestannardwriting.wordpress.com

“I am a 17-year-old wildlife and conservation blogger, documenting feature pieces and my own experiences with wildlife. I have written for The Beaver Trust and Nature Matters and am working towards a future as a wildlife biologist and freelance journalist and science communicator.experiences of the natural world.”

Margaret Weiss

Margaret Weiss margaretweiss.com.au

“My love of both photography and travel has taken me across the globe. I’ve witnessed the raw and incomparable beauty of nature; of the animal kingdom in its natural habitat. But also witnessing the mistreatment of animals has led me to want to make a difference. This desire has extended beyond my initial goal of showcasing and paying homage to wildlife through my pictures, and towards a focus on animal health and science.”

Mary Burgess

Mary Burgess, Founder of Animal Star Awards animalstarawards.com

Founder of The Animal Star Awards, which gives recognition to animals and humans alike for the extraordinary things they do for one another! Through an awards series we celebrate the incredible work of rescue centres charities and pet professionals and petpreneurs, bloggers, podcasters and much more.

Milo’s Wildlife

Milo’s Wildlife by Milo Anderson miloswildlife.com/

Milo’s Wildlife is a guide for travellers who want to connect with nature. This platform acts to inspire and engage travellers to discover the natural world and protect it in the process. Connecting with nature can create lasting impressions and together we can all leave a positive lasting impact on our globe.

Molly Boyd

Mini Wild Mol by Molly Boyd Miniwildmol.com

Informative wildlife topic blogs, animal fact files, natural history book reviews with the occasional minimalism and sustainability posts added to the mix.

My Road to Africa

My Road to Africa by Geke Woudstra https://linktr.ee/myroadtoafrica

“On my blog you can find weekly posts about the journey to Africa, my travels and inspiration about nature conservation. I want to invite people to join me on my journey of making my dream of living and working in Africa come true; showing you everything that I am doing for this dream. Along the way, I would like to engage people in all aspects of nature conservation.”

Mystery Gorilla Safaris Ltd.

Mystery Gorilla Safaris Ltd by Bruno Mugisha Biryomumaisho www.facebook.com/mygorillasafari/

Bruno documents and shares his ecotourism experiences from leading Mystery Gorilla Safaris Ltd (MGS) safari journeys in East Africa. Bruno leads a small team of professional naturalist guides offering responsible, eco-conscious expeditions.

Nat up North

Nat up North by Natalie Nott natupnorth.wordpress.com

A blog about wildlife photography, conservation, biodiversity and sustainability, with a sprinkle of mental health awareness too.

Natural Light Hebrides

Natural Light Hebrides by Barnaby Ashton naturallighthebrides.co.uk

“My two greatest passions throughout my life have been surfing and wildlife. Both these passions have forged a very strong connection to the natural world, and recently I’ve started thinking more about how to give back. I aim to use my blog and photography to share my experiences with nature in the hope that others may find some pleasure in them, and inspiration to strengthen their own bonds with the natural world.”

Naturalist Nick

Naturalist Nick by Nick Wilson-Smith naturalistnick.co.uk

“A keen amateur naturalist from a young age, I now work and study as a budding ranger in North East England, for a large conservation charity. Working in conservation is a dream come true. It never feels like work, it is a hobby, an obsession, a privilege. Hence the creation of my blog! A celebration of nature, magical wildlife encounters and a place to express a love of mother nature through my own snaps and scribblings. Expect rustic. Expect imperfection. Expect rough around the edges. Just as nature intended.”

Naturally England

England Naturally englandnaturally.com

England, Naturally is a fun and beautiful little online space, where you can find all kinds of info to help the planet, wildlife, animals of all kinds, the oceans and discover little zero waste finds. 10% of any affiliate income goes to small charities, usually involving four paws and a tail!

Nature’s Good News

Natures Good News by Danielle Shaw naturesgoodnews.com

Danielle blogs about conservation optimism, environmental success stories, and ways we can all help the environment.

Naturetastic with Henry

Naturetastic with Henry youtube.com/channel/UCOs9JWLdaKxberu-oR2Uzsg

Henry is a 7 year old on a mission to follow David Attenborough’s approach that “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”! His YouTube videos started as a Lockdown project and following great feedback from The Wildlife Trust, RSPB and Barn Owl Trust, amongst others, wants to use this platform to get other children and adults enthusiastic about how Naturetastic the world is!

Nessie’s Nature Notebook

Nessie’s Nature Notebook by Steph Dolben www.instagram.com/nessiesnaturenotebook/

I started my blog in February 2020 to share my nature adventures and discoveries with others, and to raise awareness about how diverse and fascinating the natural world is – especially on our own doorstep! I particularly love hedgehogs and bats, and help when I can with surveys, by volunteering at my local wildlife rescue centre and through nature writing.

Nick Stephenson Music

Nick Stephenson Music by Nick Stephenson soundcloud.com/nickstephensonmusic/sets/songs-of-nature

“My wildlife storytelling takes the form of music; I am a singer/songwriter with a passion for nature and wildlife. Nature has always been a big part of my songwriting since I was a teenager. Its grandeur and complexity are an endless pool on which I draw inspiration.”

Nishand Venugopal

Nishand Venugopal nishandphotoark.com/

“A wildlife enthusiast, writer and nature photographer from India. I used to work in News for 15 years. Now I have taken the leap of faith and am working towards conservation awareness initiatives. I use photography, poetry and prose to connect with people and share my respect towards nature.”

NSE Global

NSE Global by Sergio Lang NSEGlobal.org

NSE Global is an environmental advocacy company focused on global solutions. Our mission is to inspire successful and ethical environmental advocates, in the pursuit of a thriving and prosperous planet.

Nyika Silika

Nyika Silika by Victoria Wanjohi nyikasilika.org

Nyika Silika is Swahili for wild/bush instincts. Nyika Silika is an environmental/nature blog that seeks to provide a platform for people to air their views and concerns on nature; to reconcile the needs of people and nature using the best available methods ensuring that economic development and conservation do not undermine each other.

One Wild Thing

One Wild Thing by Lucy Newman onewildthing.co.uk

“One Wild Thing couples my knowledge from my university education in marine biology and oceanography and years of immersing myself in all-things-animal with my skills as a secondary school teacher, and use this to communicate the “big issues” in conservation in a way that is accessible to everyone. Every posts ends with “One Wild Thing”- a small way that you can make a difference to the issue discussed this week.

Patch the World

Patch The World by Megan Baker patchtheworld.co.uk

“I’m Megan, or Patch as I’m better known by my family. In 2017 I took the plunge and created myself a little patch of the internet to share my thoughts and knowledge on all things wildlife and environment based, and Patch The World was born. Three years on and I am now a country park ranger and a sustainable business owner. I hope to connect people with wildlife and realise the crucial role we must collectively play to start ‘patching’ up our world and ensure our future is very much filled with wild life.”

Planet Holly

Planet Holly by Holly Maughan hrm-photography.com

“My name is Holly and I am a Zoology graduate and a wildlife photographer and I am using my photography to promote wildlife conservation and education. I also have a wildlife photography website showing my work, but it will soon be more about connecting people to nature and what they can do for it I can’t wait to share with you some of the resources that I have created in my ‘wild finds’ section!”

Pratish Kumar

Pratish Kumar www.instagram.com/pratishkumar/

“I am a wildlife photographer and art director. I am story teller who speaks the language of the wild. I understand the animals and I obey the law of the wild land. I am an individual who finds his natural habitat amongst the uninhabited. When the wilderness starts speaking, the thousands untold stories begin to unfold, and I want to grab every chance to capture each one of such stories.”

Public Rights of Way Explorer

Public Rights of Way Explorer by Charlotte Ditchburn prowexplorer.com

“My blog will teach you about Public Rights of Way and all things outdoors. I work in the access sector for a charity and previously worked as a Public Rights of Way Officer. I am an Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champion, an ambassador for Active Suffolk’s This Girl Can Suffolk campaign and I have worked and volunteered with many different conservation organisations. I want to make the outdoors accessible for all.”

Ranger Katie

Ranger Katie by Katie Goldsbrough rangerkatie.co.uk

“My name is Katie and I am a Ranger for the Wildlife Trusts! I started this blog during lockdown to share the wonders of nature and as a way to inspire others with advice and real life stories about careers in the field of conservation. I have dyslexia, so have been put off of nature writing in the past, but my goal going forward is to embrace my unique way of writing and hopefully create a positive impact on behalf of wildlife in the process.”

Rebecca on the Wing

Rebecca On The Wing by Rebecca Gibson

“I created my blog ‘Rebecca On The Wing’ in 2015 to document my travels and wild discoveries around the UK, using photography and art as visual accompaniments to my writing. I blog to inspire others to discover British wildlife for themselves. Since moving to Scotland I have been particularly enjoying blogging about coastal and marine species with an emphasis on birds and mammals, but the forest will always be my favourite wild place.”

Research Champions

Research Champions by Annabel Lever research-champions.com

Research Champions is a collection of stories about real scientists. These scientists are a diverse range of living people, we’re here to tell their stories; such as biologist Dr Tamar Gutnick — who studies tortoise behaviour — and botanist Dr Gioia Massa, who researches plants in space for NASA .

Salamanders and Stories

Salamanders and Stories by Jenny Barruol salamandersandstories.com

“My blog explores any topics related to nature and its conservation. Be ready to get some articles about local wildlife as well as some nature documentaries reviews and maybe event some tips on natural remedies. Check out my Instagram page for blog post announcements and nature photography/videography.”

Sandi Monger

Sandi Monger justanotheranimalblogger.home.blog/

“I am a keen, aspiring animal conservationist who graduated from university in 2018. Whilst I’m waiting for my lucky moment I take wildlife photos which I share on my Instagram to show people the wonderful world of nature and I have also started a blog which features information on about all my volunteering experiences, some photographs but also some information about places I have visited!”

Scovia Kyarisiima

Scovia Kyarisiima legendafricasafari.com

Scovia is the CEO of Legend Africa Safaris and shares her adventures in Uganda and Rwanda. She loves to share the wildlife of East Africa with adventure-loving tourists; gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, game drives, water cruising, and much more. After several years of experience in wild life adventure tours, nature conservation, tourism culture promotion and tourism digital promotion through social media using a camera, Scovia founded the World Nature Conservation Children Association (WNCCA).

Sonu Kumar

Sonu Kumar www.instagram.com/sonukumar055/

Sonu Kumar is a botantist based in India. He holds a Master of Botany from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and shares his love of plants over at: @flora_of_rajasthan

Summer Gleeson

Summer Gleeson’s Outdoors with Sum shorturl.at/owBI2

“I’m a zoologist turned wildlife filmmaker from New Zealand and I make Youtube videos about our unique plants and animals! I particularly love learning about how species have evolved, and why that’s important for how we protect them today. The goal of my videos is to teach you something new about nature but also (hopefully) make you laugh. But don’t take my word for it – come see for yourself! You can also find me on Instagram @outdoorswithsum.”

Sustainably Secondhand

Sustainably Secondhand by Kate Stephenson www.instagram.com/sustainably2ndhand/

“As an Ocean Conservation Trust Ambassador, I started this Instagram account as a place to house all things that come under the sustainability banner — but as my own passions and lifestyle lean towards a circular economy of repurposing and reusing; the ‘secondhand’ element of my family’s lifestyle choices stood out as main angle next to sustainability. I also use this space to share vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade and rainforest-certified finds.”

The Backyard Zoologist

The Backyard Zoologist by Steve Wood www.instagram.com/thebackyardzoologist/

The mission of Steve’s page is two-fold; “I am passionate about educating the general community about wildlife and conservation. I have always worked towards fostering an appreciation for wildlife, and have always done so at the community level, where I feel it most counts.

The Biophiliac Blog

The Biophiliac Blog by Tasha B www.instagram.com/the_biophiliac_blog

“My blog is for animal enthusiasts and passionate environmentalists! I share posts about animals and wildlife, raise awareness on environmental issues, as well as feature eco-friendly living tips and vegan recipes! I’m particularly infatuated with the “unloved” animals, which is probably why I have a particular interest in Herpetology and Entomology.”

The Eco Writer

The Eco Writer by Edidiong Daniel theecowriter.com

The Eco Writer is an eco-blog where everything environment is discussed, ranging from zero-waste and eco-friendly living to climate change and plastic pollution problem. The main purpose of the blog is to educate people on environmental issues and also help people live a sustainable life for the planet.

The Fox Den

The Fox Den by Lisa Stubbings freeworldpress905.wordpress.com

“I am an aspiring Nature and Wildlife Photographer, capturing the beauty of the Natural World. Protect all Wildlife. Love all Foxes! #Keeptheban.”

The Living Nature Centre

The Living Nature Centre by Clare Snowdon dragonmindfulness.co.uk

The Living Nature Centre is about living in harmony with nature in every aspect of our lives. We are nature, not just a part of it but a living expression of it. The Centre is currently a virtual centre, bringing together resources for sharing information on mindfulness, nature connection and the natural environment.

The Nippers Nature Club

The Nippers Nature Club by Jessica Louise instagram.com/thenippersnatureclub

An educational and eco-friendly letterbox club that aims to ignite an interest in the wonderful world of nature from an early age by encouraging tots to enjoy and explore the natural environment, and take part in fun and fascinating activities. We use our social media sites to share photography, nature activities and outdoor learning ideas, fascinating nature facts and top tips for how we can all help wildlife to thrive and survive.

The Novice Birder

The Novice Birder by Simon Vyvyan thenovicebirder.wordpress.com

“Helping nature through understanding it better. And then helping others to do the same. Birds, and now moths and butterflies, are my window on the natural world.”

The Orangutan Gang

The Orangutan Gang by Pangaea Finn orangutangang.org

The Orangutan Gang is a small nonprofit dedicated to educating the general public about the palm oil issue and what you can do to help save the critically endangered orangutan and its rainforest habitat.

The Passionate Artist

The Passionate Artist by David Rasnick RasnickJewelry.Etsy.com

David’s wildlife and conservation storytelling takes the form of art and jewellery making. “I am inspired by Nature and the Animal kingdom. I create art in their likeness.”

The Platypus News

The Platypus News by Calum Hudson theplatypusnews.com

The Platypus aims to change the way you see the natural world through satire, comedy, parody, spoof and tireless gonzo journalism. “We think it’s time to see the world from the point of view of the animal kingdom. It’s time for humans to read, laugh, think and then act. The Platypus will show you the true Voice of Nature.”

The Wildlife Diary

The Wildlife Diary blog by Morgan Autrey thewildlifediary.com

“I am a huge fan of animals and I’m on my way to becoming a certified Wildlife Rehabilitator. I started this blog as an outlet for sharing information and exploring the many topics that relate to wildlife. Here you will find conservation tips, product alternatives, and animal adventures that have led me to where I am today!”

The Young Nature Nerd

The Young Nature Nerd by Jenny Allan theyoungnaturenerd.wordpress.com

“It’s a blog all about the wildlife I see and my experiences in nature, first set up to share my passion about the natural world with people. I also post stuff (not full blogs but pictures and stuff on Twitter on @birdnerdjenny).”

Tyler Hood Photos

Tyler Hood Photographs by Tyler Hood (Page admin Sandi Monger) www.instagram.com/tylerhoodphotographs/

Six-year-old Tyler is a keen wildlife photographer who started taking photographs during lockdown, after shielding for 10 weeks. His ambition is to keep seeing new things, learning about the things he sees and sharing them with other people.

Wander with Jo

Wander with Jo by Jyotsna Ramani WanderWithJo.com

Jyotsna Ramani is an avid naturalist and an award-winning wildlife blogger. Her love for wildlife cropped up in her early years with multiple visits to the national parks of India; primarily, Corbett. She has been exploring jungles of India and the savannahs of Africa for over 3 decades now. She brings jungles lores and misadventures from across the globe to her audience via her blog.

Ways of the Natural World

Ways of the Natural World by Tolga Aktas waysofthenaturalworld.wordpress.com

“My fundamental aim is to use my voice through storytelling to touch upon the important conservation and environmental issues that our planet faces on a daily basis; sharing little snippets of my journey through writing and work through environmental journalism and filmmaking.”

What Does The Giraffe Say Media

What Does The Giraffe Say Media by Kathleen Retourne www.facebook.com/whatdoesthegiraffesaymedia

“I use my experience in journalism to interview people in conservation and spread awareness of their projects. These are interactive interviews and people all around the world are able to join and ask questions, or simply just comment on the good work people are doing. I try and keep the interviews informative but informal and try to end on a positive note, as the world needs all the positivity it can get!”

Wild Barley

Wild Barley by Rachael Barber wildbarley.co.uk

“My blog is named after my pup Barley and follows my adventures with wildlife. It is very much about stories. Stories of wildlife adventures, with hopefully a little bit of knowledge sharing along the way. I am a Marine Mammal Consultant and a trained bird ringer and many of my posts follow the work I do catching and monitoring birds for the British Trust for Ornithology. My hope is that it inspires and teaches people about our wonderful natural world.”

Wild Little Wallace

Wild Little Wallace by Tiffany Wallace Instagram.com/wildlittlewallace

Tiffany is a Scientist and Conservationist; a Youth Education Leader in Sustainability and Conservation, a Coordinator of Roots and Shoots Campaigns and Rewilder for Wild East UK.

Wild Stories Podcast

Wild Stories Podcast by Jake Kirkman Instagram.com/wildstoriespod

Wild Stories is a science and nature podcast exploring interesting stories and topics from the wild. We’ll learn about exciting new conservation strategies and emerging science. We’ll meet those who devote their lives to nature and bust myths about the natural world. Join us on this journey to discover incredible stories from the wild.

Wild About Nature

Wild About Nature by Philip Evans www.facebook.com/WildAboutNatureAndWildlife

“I started Wild About Nature because I want to get as many people enjoying the great outdoors as possible. Through short organised walks, I hope to introduce you to what the countryside has to offer and to show you interesting wildlife and other things you might not normally find or see. Above all, I want to help more people to embrace the physical and mental rewards of reconnecting with nature.”

Wildlife Drummer Girl

Wildlife Drummer Girl by Freya Salter www.instagram.com/wildlife_drummer_girl/

“I’m Freya, I love wildlife and nature and my aim is to try and protect the natural world. I’m a poet, writer, and artist. My passion is with moths, and I have successfully raised 25 species of moth and 60 species of butterfly, so far. I hope to become an entomologist and specialise in lepidoptera I’m a member of Butterfly Conservation and hope to do more volunteer work for moth conservation.”

Wildlife Matters

Wildlife Matters by Nigel Palmer wildlifematters2.wordpress.com

Wildlife Matters is a blog that encourages a Natural Understanding.

Wildlife Kate

Wildlife Kate by Kate MacRae wildlifekate.co.uk

“My blog documents all my wildlife adventures, both through my wildlife work and my total obsession out of work! My passion is everything to do with natural history and helping people connecting with the wildlife right on their doorsteps.”

Wild Lines

Wild Lines by Jen Parker www.wildlines.art

“A zoologist with a love of art and conservation, I create unique illustrations of wildlife . I consider art to be one of the best forms of media to share my love for the natural world and evoke a sense of optimism about its future. We all know that we are in troubling times when it comes to conserving Earth’s incredible biodiversity, but it is my genuine belief that we are making positive progress and there are so many things we can do to help save species – starting with appreciating and sharing the beauty we see.”


WildVR by Emmanuel Lloyd www.facebook.com/Wild-VR-108329564320528

“I share the amazing ways Virtual Reality (VR) is helping with Wildlife Conservation. Videos, photographs and blogs, you name it.”

WingSearch 2020

WingSearch 2020 by Barry Madden wingsearch2020.com

A blog for people that appreciate all aspects of wildlife. Includes general blogs, identification guides, wildlife image galleries, and guest blogs from overseas.

If you’re looking to start up a new wildlife blog (or refresh an existing one) in 2021, please check out my Top 10 Tips for Wildlife Bloggers, compiled in partnership with Common by Nature. Have wonderful and inspiring New Year!

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