Kate on Conservation

World Gorilla Day: Will better public health save Uganda’s gorillas?

Meet Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Founder of Conservation Through Public Health. Gladys works tirelessly to protect gorillas in Uganda from catching human diseases spread through tourism and the use of gorilla ‘scarecrows’ by local communities.

Lolita the orca: 50 years in a tank

Fifty years ago, one of the worst atrocities of animal welfare took place. In the largest capture of wild orcas in history, more than 90 of the marine mammals were rounded up in Penn Cove and seven young southern resident killer whales were captured using nets and explosives, then sold to aquariums. Only one of those abducted on 8th August 1970 is still alive; Lolita.

Home-schooling with a difference: Orangutans learn life lessons

It’s been over 100 days since the UK’s official lockdown began and parents all over the country have been desperately trying to juggle the demands of home-schooling their children.
However, while maths, English and science homework may have stumped some parents, international wildlife charity Born Free is putting the spotlight on a different ‘school’ – The Orangutan Foundation’s Camp in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve in Borneo.