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Sometimes we need to go back to basics. I write regular blog posts on this forum referencing terms such as ‘climate change‘, ‘loss of biodiversity’,’ air pollution’, and ‘water pollution’, but I understand that not everyone may understand or use these terms — and it doesn’t hurt to brush-up on our basic understanding of what these far-reaching environmental issues covers, even if we are used to using this terminology.

Introducing this easy-to-navigate, extensive resource from revegetation specialists, Erizon, which breaks down the teaching of climate change, loss of biodiversity, air pollution, and water pollution into four individual chapters.

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Environmental Resource preview:

Experts believe that Climate Change is most likely the greatest threat our century will ever face.

But what is Climate Change? Is Climate Change and Global Warming one and the same? There is a distinction between these two, even though they may seem interchangeable.

Global warming is a significant and long-term increase in the planet’s temperature. It has become evident that the Earth is heating up at a fast and steady pace.

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century prompted the beginning of global warming. This was a period of great change. Industries in Europe and the United States shifted its manufacturing processes. They began to produce commodities through machines, veering away from manual production.

This shift caused the significant use of energy through the burning of fossil fuels.

Climate change, on the other hand, refers to alterations in global climate patterns. It covers a much more extensive set of phenomena. Its primary cause is also the emission of heat-trapping gases from burnt fossil fuels.

But, aside from this, climate change also refers to shifts in the behavior of the planet. A few alarming changes include the rise in sea levels and the loss of ice mass in the Earth’s coldest parts. Plants and trees have also changed blooming and fruit-bearing seasons. Extreme weather conditions like heat waves and droughts are also occurring very often.

As a result of having the same root cause, the two terms are usually interchanged. But although their causes are the same, both physical phenomena are not. The emission of greenhouse gases causes global warming. While global warming causes climate change.

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