Kate on Conservation

5 Exciting Connections With Nature Book Updates

More than just a book, the ‘Connections With Nature’ project has been about connecting people from the start; giving our community members a platform for sharing their stories and the public a chance to share in our enthusiasm for nature and wildlife — perhaps even becoming inspired to build some connections of their own. Here are some of our highlights from the last couple of months…

The comprehensive guide to cruelty free and vegan cosmetics

As consumers’ habits turn to shopping more ethically and sustainably the availability of vegan-friendly and cruelty free skincare and cosmetics option has increased. But, shopping for cruelty free and vegan is not without it’s troubles, namely what ingredients should you look out for? How can you tell if an item is truly vegan or just cruelty free and what’s the difference?

Why we must focus on conserving conservationists…

Working in conservation has its setbacks. Hours are long, pay can be low — if you even manage to get paid work in this field in the first place — and the emotional toll can see you fraught with eco-anxiety, desperate to have super powers, and feeling like your messages just aren’t reaching enough people quick enough. This guest blog post from Jessie Panazzolo reminds us why we must make room for ‘conserving the conservationist’.

Wild East: 10 exciting ways that Fritton Lake is rewilding

Since moving back to my home region of East Anglia in 2019, I’ve been excited to get out an visit some of the progressive and innovative projects taking place across Norfolk and Suffolk — and although a certain pandemic slowed things down — I’m thrilled to now find myself able to get out amongst some of these rewilding hotspots.