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Galapagos Learning Resources (Key Stage 2 – 4+)


During the current lockdown situation, and with schools currently being closed, Galapagos Conservation Trust are sharing their learning resources with parents and teachers who might be looking for more inspiration and ideas when schooling from home.

Discovering Galapagos provides a range of learning materials and lesson plans for children and young people to learn about different topics, from geology and biology to social history and creative writing.

Click here or on the image below to visit Discovering Galapagos’ resources

Join Galapagos Conservation Trust on a voyage of discovery heading back in time to the days of perilous pirates and early colonisers. Discover fascinating facts about the unique wildlife that call Galapagos home and spend a day in the life of modern day scientist. What will you discover?

Find out more at: discoveringgalapagos.org.uk/dg-teacher-zone/


Marti the Hammerhead Shark storybook 

At the beginning of 2019, Galapagos Conservation Trust released their first educational book about the life of Marti the hammerhead shark on her migration from Galapagos to Cocos island, Costa Rica.

Marti’s story is based on tracking the journeys of sharks from their nursery areas in Galapagos to the seamounts of the Pacific Ocean — science that research and conservation network MigraMar, supported by GCT, has been involved with for many years.

It is an educational resource for children using real scientific research to guide the story and covers issues facing sharks and marine wildlife.

Although the Galapagos Marine Reserve is well protected, many marine species are highly migratory and are vulnerable to threats such as industrial fishing outside of the Reserve boundaries

Learn more about Marti the Hammerhead Shark book here.

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