Kate on Conservation


Take a look at some of the Kate on Conservation footage I’ve filmed over the last seven years and embedded into various blog posts. All of these videos and more can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Interview with Jane Goodall at Windsor Castle 2017

Crush Cruelty Protest footage: Chris Packham, Will Travers and Dominic Dyer

Environment Trust for Richmond Lecture: David Attenborough and Gordon Buchanan

Kate on Conservation eco recommends (reviews and product testing)

Significant anti-Taiji dolphin drive protest featuring Bowie ‘heroes’ tribute

London celebrates wildlife: Regent Street elephant for Luminiere London

Global March for Lions: Virginia McKenna and other speakers

Born Free cover for my World of Wildlife fundraiser

Celebrating elephants: Remembering Elephants and Gods in Shackles speeches

Kate on Conservation vlog-style videos

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