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Kate on Conservation Blog is a wildlife blog that gives a voice to the voiceless by highlighting important issues, individuals and organisations in the fight to protect our planet’s wildlife – something that is becoming ever more important in these current climes, as we are faced with both a biodiversity and a climate crisis.

Featuring unique interviews with some of the world’s leading wildlife conservationists and ecologists, top wildlife bloggers and the most recognisable natural history presenters. I invite you to take a look around for yourself.

My wildlife blog offers research, discussion and informed opinion on some of the top global issues effecting animals and wildlife conservation in the world today — as well as spotlighting campaigns and animal cruelty issues that so often fly under the radar of mainstream media outlets.

Sadly, the world that wildlife inhabits is under threat, meaning that more species than ever face the possibility extinction in a surprisingly short time. Join me as I try to untangle the complicated world of wildlife conservation and discover ways to help and protect the flora and fauna that I love.

I began this blog as a campaigner, determined to spread the word on issues that aren’t receiving the media coverage they should be, and to inspire others to take an interest in wildlife and environmental conservation and issues surrounding climate change.

I hope to educate and empower readers to be conscious of their environmental impact and the effect they have on our world’s wildlife by offering suggestions for becoming more involved in tackling these issues.

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