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Wildlife Days & Environmental Events Calendar

When planning my blog posts and social media content, I often find that I’m scrabbling to react to Wildlife Days, Animal Holidays, Campaign Days and Environmental Occasion Days, rather than knowing when they are and planning my content accordingly.

I’ve been thinking that it would be useful to have a calendar of sorts, listing all the important animal and nature-related days that I would like to observe on my blog and social media accounts — so I made one!

I figured that this would be useful to many people, so I’m happy to share it with you here…

Click here or on the image below to access the hi-res Wildlife Days calendar

wildlife days calendar thumbnail

Please let me know in the comments below whether there are any important days that I’ve missed, or if there are any additional nature-related occasion days that you would personally observe throughout the year.

This resource has been designed to be an any-year calendar, and so dates that change annually are referenced in bold.

Many of these special days have their own hashtags and campaign themes — so I would certainly recommend an Ecosia Search of any of these Wildlife Days for further information on how best to engage with each of these wildlife holidays and campaigns.

7 thoughts on “Wildlife Days & Environmental Events Calendar

  1. Hi Kate,
    You missed a really really important one! Hedgehog Awareness Week, first week of May
    Louise x

    1. Ah, brilliant addition, thank you :). I love hedgehogs! I’ll add it and update the calendar file. Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Kate,

    This calendar is so great to have, Thank you!

    Also, what about coordinating a collaborative effort for one of the special wildlife days? For example for International Zebra Day or World Pangolin Day… It could be some type of collaborative blog post that shares how that wildlife inspires us, with some thoughts on how we can help protect that wildlife..


    1. Hi Azi, I’m glad you’re finding the calendar useful :).

      I’d be very interested in your idea of collaboration! If you drop me an email at kate@kateonconservation.com, we can have a chat and come up with some thoughts 🙂

  3. Hi Kate, I noticed you missed a significant date for the dolphins! Unlike National Dolphin Day, World Day of Dolphins is an international campaign specifically focused on raising awareness about the need to protect dolphins! Sea Shepherd pioneered this initiative to save these beautiful animals before it’s too late. Here is a link to find out more – https://www.stopthegrind.org/world-dolphin-day. It would be amazing to add this to your calendar!

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