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How to get the most out of the Wildlife Blogger Crowd community…

The Wildlife Blogger Crowd is all about building a community to amplify our members’ posts and messages as effectively as possible.

Here are some suggestions for how to get the most from being a part of the crowd!


Find us at: https://www.instagram.com/wildlifebloggercrowd/
Instagram is where I regularly post blogger / storyteller profiles, using the bios you submitted in your WBC sign-up form. I tag your profile in these Feed Images, and share them in a tagged Story; meaning you can directly re-share to your own page’s Stories, offering an opportunity to spotlight your bio to your own followers, as well as our WBC page followers. I also aim to Save one or two of the posts on your feed on the day that I feature your profile, to help boost your page engagement. Where possible, I now tag your page as a Collaborator on these Feed posts, so that it can feature on your own feed too.

To gain further engagement, tag @wildlifebloggercrowd in your Stories for a Story re-share, or tag @wildlifebloggercrowd in your Feed images for a ‘like’ from our page  — and I often save images that tag our page directly.

Use the hashtag #WildlifeBloggerCrowd on your posts for an opportunity to get a like, save or Story share from our page, I and would encourage our community members to search and ‘follow’ this hashtag, as a great way to engage and interact with other community members. The more we support each other through these means, the louder our voices become.


Find us at: https://twitter.com/wildlifeblogs
Tag us (@wildlifeblogs) in your posts for a Retweet, or use our hashtag #WildlifeBloggerCrowd for a retweet and to interact with other community members. Why not follow others using the hashtag and start a conversation around your posts.


Facebook group – www.facebook.com/groups/wildlifebloggercrowd
Join our Facebook group and post your links, photos, videos, etc. for other group members to see. I highly encourage taking a look at some of the other content being posted in there, to keep in touch with other community members — you may find subjects or expertise that inspire you’re own content, and it would be great to see some collaborations taking place. If you’re interested in another members’ post reach out to one another for interviews of guest posts!

I regularly share content posted in the group directly onto our Facebook page, which has 1,700 followers, and also select some of the blog posts shared in the group to feature on the Storyteller Spotlights section of our newsletter.

If you would like to become an admin for our Facebook page, where you can directly post and spotlight all the great work you’re doing, as well as highlight the best blogs, posts, videos and podcasts that you interact with, too — you can request access here.


Wondr – Those of you who joined our mentoring scheme last year, or became one of our Blogger-Maker partnerships, will likely have already used the Wondr platform.

If you’re not already familiar with Wondr, it’s a simple to use online networking site, and an easy place for me to post up resources, info, and events. Find us under the Wildlife Blogger Crowd space here.

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