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Shamwari Diaries

Sifting through my wonderful memories of Shamwari has been a long time coming. Six years on, a 1st Class Degree, a year in Australia and a year of graduate employment later, and I am just now sitting down to compile my thoughts, photos and ramblings into some sort of succinct online scrapbook. Keep checking back here for progress on this (I feel it will take a while) but in the mean time, here’s a little teaser of some of my time spent in with Born Free at Shamwari…

n1429756330_30080002_897Here are some of my photos from the Born Free Sanctuaries at Shamwari, just to give a little insight to those who want to see a bit more behind the scenes.

Born Free North Sanctuary – Lions: Brutus, James, Jules, Jerry, Leopard: Kuma

Born Free South Sanctuary (The Julie Ward Centre) – Lions: Sinbad, Aslan, Ma Juah, Achee, Leopards: Sammi, Alam, Nimira

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