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Designing my own Go Go Gorilla for Shamwari Game Reserve

Create a Go Go Gorillas

I mentioned on my last blog that I would be designing my own mini Go Go Gorilla to send out to Shamwari Game Reserve’s Julie Ward Born Free Education Centre – as my work and support of Shamwari and Born Free is the driving force of this blog  (if you need reminding about why this blog started, here’s a cheeky newspaper article  from my time at Shamwari that I came across recently!)

So I thought maybe I should update you with my design ideas and get some feedback before I go painting it on my miniature ceramic figure (available from the Wild in Art website). The basic elements of my design will be my Shamwari work t’shirt from my time as a volunteer there, the Born Free Foundation logo, and an image of Julie ward.


I’ve done a quick sketch of the way I will use these elements on my design – and plan to paint a realistic looking gorilla face (inspired by Norwich’s new Freddie ‘Radio Go Go’ Gorilla) using some of the colours from the gorilla picture I’ve sourced. The gorilla will be wearing a Shamwari work uniform. Let me know what you think by tweeting @k1snowdon


I’ll be able to take lots of inspiration from the 54 designs we’ve seen around Norwich, and the awesome new deck of playing cards they’ve released provide really easy reference! What great timing!


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