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Goodbye Ma Juah

Ma Juah the Lioness

As a silver member of Born Free Foundation, I received my latest copy of Wildlife Times magazine in the post last week to discover the sad news that Ma Juah, the amber-eyed lioness at Shamwari had passed on.imageHaving been a one-time “adoptive parent” of Ma Juah, and having seen her living out her days in the happy, natural setting of Shamwari’s Julie Ward Centre, it was a bittersweet sense of loss accompanied by pride that she was afforded the luxury that so many captive lions are not – to live out her final days in her beautiful, majestic South African homeland.

DSC_1863I’m sure I speak for many Born Free supporters when I say Ma Juah’s story of hope and compassion, is one that has inspired many. My condolences to Glen Vena and the team at Shamwari!


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  1. Life is all about how we enhance the quality of living between Date of Birth & Date of Death. It is lovely to see you inject so much passion and brilliance in yours. As per Oriental Mystics, soul can neither be born, nor can it die. It is essential Life Energy and Physics confirms that Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. Your friend’s moved on and will grace another life form. Any lingering memory will always appreciate what you did, do and will always do: cherish the wondrous beauty of life.

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