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World Animal Day 2015 – bringing us all together!

World annimal day 2015

I really love it when good charities, good ideas and good friends come together for a good cause. That’s exactly what’s happened in the lead up to World Animal Day on the 4th October.


When TV presenter and Eden Channel blogger Anneka Svenska first told me about her idea for making the official music video for the day, I immediately thought of someone fit for the job…

A few months back I interviewed former videographer for Save Me, and St Albans Film Festival Finalist, Michael Dias, of Chiswell Studios. I knew from the videos he’d made with/for his father, entertainer Ricky Lopez – aka Elvis Smelvis (also interviewed) that he’d be the ideal person to make a music video with a difference!


As Anneka‘s plans escalated, and she put out a call to gather as many animal suits as possible, I thought of my wonderful sponsor of my World of Wildlife exhibition — ZEBRA TM.


Their mascot had caused quite a stir at the event’s opening evening, so a quick email, a visit to my family in Thetford, Norfolk and a stop by a the Charles Burrell Centre (from which ZEBRA TM operates – and my older brother manages) and I had a brilliant costume to put towards the cause!Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.35.51

With Anneka’s presence in the environmental world thanks to her Green World TV, Michael’s previous work including his videos for We Unite and the Badger Cull protest, and ZEBRA TM‘s role of working with various charities to fund raise — it seemed like a match made in heaven! Even my partner Nick Stephenson (who both sang at my art exhibition launch night, and then for my Cecil the lion post) played a part in delivering the suit to London on filming day! (Before I had the fun task of getting it home on the tube through rush hour!).


Anneka has even organised for the Born Free Foundation‘s mascot to make the shoot, and most of the dancing animals were in fact people I’d met at various marches!


Well done everyone on such a tremendous effort! The final result can be viewed below:

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