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I, I wish you could swim. Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim!

Kate on Conservation, dolphin slaughter protest

For a year now I’ve been on the frontline of the call to end Taiji Cove’s annual dolphin slaughter, and the connected use of dolphins and orcas in marine parks, such as Sea World. (There I am below, second from the right with my phone in hand).


Given that I’ve outlined the details of the yearly ‘dolphin drive’ before, and the captivity ‘side effects’ that go hand-in-hand with the slaughter, I’ll just keep the overview to a minimum here:

  • The Taiji dolphin drive hunt takes place in Taiji, Wakayama in Japan every year from September to March
  • Over the 6 month period, thousands of dolphins are driven into the secret waters of Taiji cove (aka the Cove) using noise pollution that disrupts the dolphin’s sonar, throwing off their navigation
  • They are then herded by fisherman’s boats into the sheltered area of the Cove, hidden from public view, where they are killed one by one. The legal method of killing is to drive a metal pin through their blow holes and down into their spinal column
  • This does not always lead to immediate death. Dolphins have an extremely complex nervous system, so will feel every second of this as they wait to die
  • The reasons for the drive were originally for human consumption or resale to dolphinariums (yes, the atrocities at Taiji Cove supply dolphinariums, like Sea World)
  • In more recent years, it has been shown that the levels of mercury present within dolphin meat deems them unfit for human consumption. The slaughter continues to take place in the name of ‘tradition’, with some of the carcasses used for dog food or as fertiliser

imageThis past Saturday (16th January) saw the next installment of the protests against Taiji cove. This one was rather special, not only gaining more momentum than the demo this time last year due to its swelling numbers, but also because we used the occasion to honour the late, great David Bowie.

The video I shot below outside the Japanese Embassy should explain why/how…

Such a powerful movement, and a beautiful, poignant day. Not only has Bowie given this movement (via The Cove) an incredible anthem, but also a huge interest; due to his connection to it. For the first time, I’m seeing national press coverage of our marching! The Huffington Post even used one of my photographs (included above) to open their article!

Well done all the hundreds of people I had the pleasure of marching with, and what gratitude I have for David Bowie; for this along with so many other reasons.

Don’t forget… if you’re a passionately against the killing of dolphins in Taiji Cove, please take a moment to add your signature to a petition against the practice https://www.change.org/p/ban-the-killing-of-dolphins-in-taiji-japan.

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