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Nature & Wildlife at the UK Blog Awards 2019

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Now that the dust has settled on blog awards season, I wanted to follow-up on my earlier post about the UK Blog Awards 2019.

I shared a post a few months back announcing that I’d been selected as a judge for the new Nature & Wildlife category of the awards and that I couldn’t wait to see what the role had in store.

As ‘Blogger Judge’, I was joined by Industry Judge, Will Travers, President of Born Free Foundation to score the eight finalists up against a strict set of criteria, covering design, style, content, marketing and reliability.

For better or worse, this year the UK Blog Awards took on a different format, moving away from the traditional award ceremony to embrace a truly digital format. The big event consisted of a series of announcement videos broadcast on YouTube. I would like to share mine with you below:

Myself and Will Travers came to a unanimous verdict that the coverted prize be awarded to Mr Plant Geek, with Common by Nature being Highly Commended.

We also gave a ‘Conscience of Content’ special mention to Wildlife Kate for scoring full marks in the ‘content’ section of the criteria.

All of the finalists were incredibly impressive, and I wish everyone who entered, and especially those who made it to the finals the best of luck in your future blogging endeavours! .

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