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Endangered Species Superheroes comic book

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After last week’s post on the brilliant work of ‘Gorilla Hero’ Addy, it seems only natural to follow-up with an introduction to a charming new conservation comic book starring an amazing teenage girl and her endangered species friends, called ‘Endangered Species Superheroes‘.

Author and illustrator Dakota Duncan is a self-confessed sloth lover (her book contains plenty of super sweet sloth drawings!) , and her cute graphic novel comes with an important conservation message about the connection between humans and animals.

“I am really interested both in wildlife and conservation of our natural world. This novel [is] a chance to highlight those things in a way that is fun and meaningful,” she writes on her website.

“Plus it has a strong female protagonist, which my daughter has been advising me about since before I had the first sketch down on paper! Did I mention there are superpowers?”

What is Endangered Species Superheroes about?

Teenager Lindsey loves helping out at her grandfather’s wildlife sanctuary, assisting with his research and learning all about the animals.

It’s a peaceful life until evil villain Mace Zagan escapes from prison, determined to destroy her grandfather and all of his research.

Lindsey would do anything to help her grandfather and so would her sanctuary friends; a sloth, a marine iguana and a tapir, all of whom are undergoing some very unusual transformations.

Will their new abilities be enough to defeat Mace Zagan before he succeeds with his evil plan?

I was delighted to learn that upon the book’s launch, 30% of sales proceeds were donated to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, showing Dakota’s genuine commitment to endangered species conservation.

I’m sure this bright and fun graphic novel will delight and inspire children to consider animals as individuals, deserving of human compassion and protection against extinction.

Discover more about Endangered Species Superheroes and writer and artist Dakota Duncan here.

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