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Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for wildlife lovers!

Top 5 christmas gift ideas for wildlife lovers

I’ve compiled my top 5 gift ideas for wildlife lovers — all of which are animal-friendly!

Whether you’re anti-cruelty yourself, or buying for someone who support animal welfare and animal-friendly goods, I’ve tried to think of gift suggestions that don’t harm the environment and that also fit the ethos and ethics of wildlife lovers.

1. Jewellery for conservation…

Eco jewellery company Salvari supplement their animal-friendly message by lending their support to conservation organisations with projects on land and in the ocean.

The missions that drive their brand are; the promotion of ocean conservation, raising awareness of human impact on the planet and supporting global organisations that work to protect the natural environment.

They also use their pieces to tell a story. This pendant shows a leatherback turtle shell that’s been warped by ocean pollution. It’s based on the story of a real life sea turtle with a deformed shell, as a result of having beer-can plastic wrapped around it. 

I love this initiative way of telling animals’ stories!

Co-founders Serena and Euan explained when they launched the brand: “We hope to engage people in conversation and ultimately help promote a message of change through channels that may not necessarily be aware of some of these stories,” 

Definitely check out their beautiful, meaningful designs at salvari.co.uk


2. Gorilla saving socks!

These stylish and comfy ‘Gorilla Socks’ are sustainable and eco-friendly — made from viscose from bamboo — and at least 10% from the sale of each pair of socks goes to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. (They also come in male and female designs!)

Inspired by Dian Fossey’s remarkable life and legacy, Gorilla Socks’ founders  Gianluca De Stefano and Gavin Kamara have combined a love for colourful socks with a sense of responsibility to support our planet, it’s disadvantaged communities and the remarkable  gorilla species we share it with!

gorilla socks art - helping to save gorillas

Learn more about Gorilla Socks by visiting: gorilla-socks.com.


3. Adopt a mighty lion cub!

Adopting an animal is a wonderful way of contributing to a wider conservation effort — and makes for a brilliant Christmas present that will last all year!

Born free King

My regular readers will no doubt remember the rescue of a tiny lion cub from a Paris apartment earlier in the year. A true victim of the illegal exotic pet trade, the small cub named ‘King’ was rehabilitated to Born Free‘s big cat sanctuary at Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa, to live out the rest of his days in an environment as close to his natural, wild habitat as possible. (If you missed it, you can read about King’s rescue and release here).

This Christmas there’s a chance to give the gift of helping to fund his lifetime care — a truly meaningful offering for animal lovers.

King adoption pack

Yearly adoptions include updates through Adopt! magazine, published twice yearly (Spring and Autumn).

An adoption pack includes:

  • FREE cuddly toy lion (optional)
  • King’s glossy photo
  • personalised certificate
  • King’s full story
  • Born Free folder

Find out how to adopt King today by visiting: bornfree.org.uk


4. Thoughtful tees

Independent clothing company ‘Big Wild Thought‘ sell a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories featuring embroidered animal designs — though it seems to be their t-shirt range that’s currently sweeping the Instagram and Twitter feeds of conservationists across the UK!

Kate on Conservation Big Wild Thought

Based in Sheffield, their main goal is to help animal conservation efforts around the world, by donating at least 10% of the sale of every item to relevant animal charities.

They also hope to educate people about the issues that are facing the natural world.

You can browse their range at: bigwildthought.co.uk


5. Wild life drawing classes!

I’ve attended a few of these wonderful wildlife-themed art classes over the last few years, and I absolutely love what they stand for!

Founder Jennie Webber is on a mission to reacquaint the millions of us in the UK who live in cities or urban lifestyles with the wildlife and nature we’ve too often become disconnected from.

Wild life drawing live animals

Wild Life Drawing is a drawing class with a difference; instead of human life models, attendees of all ages and abilities sketch rescued and rehabilitated animals that they get to see in front of their very own eyes!

One of the things I’ve loved most about the classes I’ve joined is the strong focus on education. It’s not just about seeing these animals up close and drawing them; it’s an opportunity to learn about the different species, and the various issues they face — from the exotic pet trade to local wildlife being injured by cars!

Their aim is to inspire appreciation and understanding for the natural world through creativity, with attendees learning about the animals, their habitats and distinct characteristics too!

Gift vouchers for Wild Life Drawing classes can be purchased through their website: wildlifedrawing.co.uk

Disclaimer: For complete transparency, I have previously been gifted a Salvari necklace and a pair of Gorilla Socks from the respective brands. No money was exchanged for this blog post and no formal agreement with any of these brands/products was made that they would feature on my blog. I just like ’em!

kate on conservation wildlife blog logo


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    1. You’re welcome, glad you liked the suggestions. I LOVE the Gorilla socks! They’re really sturdy and comfy too. I’ve been wearing them tons this year, and no holes in sight! Win!

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for sharing on Twitter. I genuinely love all 5 of these brands! So good when they actually give back to charities! x

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