Kate on Conservation

Why we must focus on conserving conservationists…

Working in conservation has its setbacks. Hours are long, pay can be low — if you even manage to get paid work in this field in the first place — and the emotional toll can see you fraught with eco-anxiety, desperate to have super powers, and feeling like your messages just aren’t reaching enough people quick enough. This guest blog post from Jessie Panazzolo reminds us why we must make room for ‘conserving the conservationist’.

How is the UK’s First Biobank Protecting Endangered Animals

In 2018, the UK’s first zoological biobank was awarded £1 million to give researchers across the UK access to tissues, cells and DNA from endangered species and other wildlife, which can be used in their research and for conservation planning. In this guest post, Anamika Menon explores the role of biobanks and cryogenically preserving genetic materials for conversation and research.