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Today is my 31st birthday, and I’m so excited to be realising a long-held dream of mine. It has always been of the utmost importance to me to support other wildlife bloggers and storytellers (that’s photographers, podcasters, vloggers, filmmakers, artists, etc.) — and it’s wonderful to announce that in the next couple of weeks, I will be launching The Wildlife Blogger Crowd mentoring programme, to do just that!

The purpose of The Wildlife Blogger Crowd community has always been to create a strong network of like-minded nature lovers and storytellers who can support one another in sharing the stories of wildlife and advocating for conservation.

One of the many ways I’ve wanted to help make that happen is to create a mentoring programme — where those who would like to pair with another community member can idea pool, share tips and advice across the board, promote one another’s storytelling and grow together as conservationists.

As with everything on offer through The Wildlife Blogger Crowd, this opportunity is completely free, and it’s entirely up to each person to decide what level of commitment they can give.

I will be pairing mentors/ mentees together based on interests, areas of expertise, what you’d like to learn more about and what level of commitment you’d be looking to give.

If you’d like to sign-up for the programme, which will be launching later this month, please head to: www.kateonconservation.com/wildlife-blogger-crowd-mentor-programme

If you haven’t yet joined The Wildlife Blogger Crowd, but would like to, in order to take advantage of this awesome opportunity; we would love to welcome you aboard! It’s free to sign-up and you’ll have the chance to see your profile featured on our Instagram page. Join the crowd here: https://kateonconservation.com/wildlife-blogger-crowd/

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