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Top 10 wildlife bloggers to look out for in 2020…


In my experience, there is a great sense of community among the wildlife bloggers I’ve come to know, or been lucky enough to collaborate with in 2020.

I started this year in with judging the second, and then final rounds of the Nature and Wildlife category of the UK Blog Awards, which gave me a chance to delve deeply into the style, content and message behind all of the blogs that made it through the first set of criteria.

What I found helped to shape and inspire my own direction and approach throughout the year; there was boundless enthusiasm; charming, educational and sometimes witty writing (not always easily achieved with this subject matter); humble yet expansive knowledge; and a concern and respect for our natural world that was as infectious as it was moving.

So much so, that it felt like both an injustice and a personal disappointment when the awards failed to materialise in quite the way they were promised, and the UK Blog Awards subsequently closed their doors for good.

My top wildlife bloggers of the year

Therefore, to honour the fantastic work of those bloggers whose passion and quality of work has inspired me throughout the year, I’d like to encourage my readers to support this community and take some time to get to know the work of each of my top 10 wildlife bloggers to look out for in 2020.

[NB: I’m sure there are tons of excellent nature and wildlife bloggers that I haven’t included (or encountered!), so please don’t feel offended if your favourites didn’t make the list — just share some more suggestions in the comments below. I’d love to expand my blog community.]

Hannah Rudd: Marine Biologist, Writer, Science Communicator — hannahrudd.com

All things marine conservation, Hannah is a MSc Marine Environmental Management graduate combining her love for both marine conservation and science communication. Stop by to learn about sharks, marine mammals and leading women in marine science.

Kate MacRae: Wildlife Kate — wildlifekate.co.uk/my-blog

A wildlife diary by Kate MacRae, writing from her Staffordshire garden… and beyond! Stop by for all things related to UK garden wildlife, including fantastic live camera footage. Currently exploring wildlife in Ecuador.

James Common: Common by Nature blog — commonbynature.co.uk

Words about wildlife, wilderness and nature conservation. A blog designed to ‘encourage engagement with, and build enthusiasm for, nature.’ Stop by for British flora and fauna, discussions on climate change and guest posts on nature. Currently taking part in 365 days of plants challenge.

Tolga Aktas: Biologist, Writer and Environmental Photojournalist — waysofthenaturalworld.wordpress.com

Tolga is a UK-based storyteller whose main interests range from wildlife conservation, ecology, exploration, environmental journalism and filmmaking. Stop by to learn about lions, wild dogs and other canids.

Beth Jennings: Claws Out, IAPWA campaign manager — claws-out.com

Beth’s aim with Claws Out is to educate people volunteering in South Africa for the protection of future lion cubs and to try and bring an end to the awful industry that is canned hunting. Her blog took off and is now part of a registered charity, the International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA). Stop by to learn the awful truth about cub petting.

Young and up & coming wildlife bloggers

I’m incredibly inspired by the number of people joining the conservation and science communications movement. 2020 will officially be my 9th year of blogging, making me a big of a veteran [Read: ‘old timer’] in this field of bloggers.

The online landscape; its demands; and the way we use it; has changed continuously during that time. Which is why there is so much for me to learn from the ‘new kids on the block’ (who, in fairness, are probably better qualified and certainly have more experience under their belts than most! At least two of those listed below already have published books to their name…).

Alex White: Appleton Wildlife Diary & Author of ‘Get Your Boots On’ — appletonwildlifediary.wordpress.com

Alex is a young naturalist with a passion for British wildlife. This is his diary of the wildlife where he lives in Oxfordshire, and sometimes the other places he visits. Stop by for natureful experiences from a teenager with a passion for badgers and hares, and campaigns supporting the natural world. Alex is also the author of the book Get Your Boots On.

Dara McAnulty: Naturalist Dara & Author of ‘Diary of a Young Naturalist’ — youngfermanaghnaturalist.wordpress.com

A wildlife diary sharing the beauty and wonder of nature; the challenges it faces and how we can help. Dara is a 15-year-old Autistic naturalist, conservationist, activist & writer. Stop by for all things nature, wildlife and conservation from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. Dara is currently most active on Twitter — one suspects this is because his debut book, Diary of a Young Naturalist, comes out in June! — his blog archives are still well-worth looking over.

James Miller: Young Campaigner and aspiring wildlife TV presenter — kneedeepinnature.co.uk/blog

James is a young campaigner, aspiring wildlife TV presenter and Surrey Wildlife Trust ambassador, who wishes to share his passion for wildlife with as many people as possible. Stop by to see the numerous campaigns, public speeches and documentaries that James has worked on.

Rosy Fox: Rambling Rose Wild blog — ramblingrosewildlife.home.blog/

Rosy Fox is a Wildlife Conservationist, Nature blogger & aspiring writer with a focus on UK Garden wildlife. Stop by for inspiration to love insects, spiders, moths and other garden critters.

Conservation Warriors: The Ambassador’s Blog —wildlifeconservationwarriors.simplesite.com

Conservation warriors was set up by Isobelle-Hepsy Jones in 2015 to help promote and raise awareness on the needs of animals whilst educating people and helping others learn about our huge diversity of wildlife, mainly through the use of photography and raising awareness through social media. Conservation warriors seek to promote compassionate conservation to help aid the survival of endangered species. Stop by for updates from the small group of inspiring young naturalists and ambassadors behind this project.

If you’re looking to start up a new blog (or grow an existing one) in 2020, please check out my Top 10 Tips for Wildlife Bloggers, compiled in partnership with Common by Nature. Have wonderful and inspiring New Year!

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